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Third Party Logistics

R&R Solutions is Northwest Arkansas’ premier home for 3PL services. Our ability to manage your products in an efficient and productive manner gives you the necessary focus to grow and expand your business, without having to worry about the logistics behind your product delivery.


R&R Solutions offers 300,000 square feet of premium warehouse space, providing our clients with the flexibility to scale and secure storage as needed for their business. Utilizing our enterprise software XPM™, you’ll have complete visibility over your products at every point in the process.

Warehouse Solutions

Inventory Management

R&R Solutions has the ability to store your products within our warehouse, offering up 300,000 square feet of space to help ensure your business has room to grow.

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With several locations and a powerful tracking tool, XPM™, we’ll keep your products as secure possible, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

R&R Solutions helps businesses fulfill their customer orders by housing, picking, packing, consolidating, and shipping their products in a timely manner.

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Additionally, with locations across the United States, your products are able to get to customers faster, improving relationships and branding, while ensuring continued growth.

Pick/Pack Fulfillment

At R&R Solutions, we’re masters of pick-pack fulfillment, using powerful technology to retrieve and package your products in a fast and efficient manner.

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Whatever the situation, your products will be accurately stored and tracked for faster shipping and improved customer relations.

EDI via XPM™

Getting your data where it needs to go is crucial to maintaining a successful business. Using XPM™, R&R Solutions can easily facilitate connecting your communications with our business .

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Additionally, with XPM™, you can track project progress and watch implementation in real-time, giving you complete control of the process from start to finish.

UPC Ticketing

Whether counting pallets of items or individual serial numbers, R&R Solutions has the means to ticket and track your items using UPC technology.

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Additionally, R&R Solutions can match our ticket IDs to your SKUs, giving you accurate oversight of your product and its whereabouts.

Assortment Merchandising

With R&R Solutions on your side, there’s no packaging situation that’s too complicated to implement or handle.

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Whether you’re shipping one item or 10, our warehouse teams will ensure accurate product delivery and packaging meet your standards 100% of the time.

Retail Packaging

At R&R Solutions, we can create custom packaging for your products with the appropriate branding and logos to keep your products looking like your products.

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Storing your products in an R&R Solutions’ warehouse doesn’t mean your products have to feel like they weren’t sent directly out from your business’ front door.

Special Handling

R&R Solutions has the capacity to properly handle your products from the time they’re manufactured, all the way up to delivery at a customer’s door.

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Whether you need to move your products from a port, a warehouse, or to the final mile of shipment, R&R Solutions has you covered.