Managed Solutions

R&R is the Premiere Solutions Concierge

R&R maintains a balance of technology, innovation, and business goals to streamline custom processes. R&R saves clients exponential expenses with expertise and delivery of optimal results. Business moves at a rapid pace, and strong managed technology solutions help keep up with changing times. A good team makes all the difference.

From start to finish, R&R Solutions handles all of its clients’ needs with white-glove standards. R&R prioritizes clients with custom project design and solutions best suited to their needs while keeping in mind the clients bottom line.

Project Management

R&R’s Project Management Office (PMO) is uniquely qualified to manage complex problems across various industries. Each project manager has hands-on experience with fieldwork and worked their way up from field technicians to project managers. This level of experience allows the project management team to give real-life perspective and ability to manage teams more effectively.

R&R’s experienced PMO, as part of the overall solution, works with clients to identify project optimization. This design work drives innovative processes that will be leveraged for the client’s business. R&R also provides a detailed review with key lessons learned that clients will be able to leverage in future projects to improve speed to market and reduce the overall cost of projects.

R&R Solutions ensures control and visibility within the project management teams are transparent to all clients. XPM® enables real-time, cloud-based project tracking and reporting of the entire project from end-to-end.


R&R deployment solutions provide superior value to clients. R&R caters to clients’ specific requirements in a multitude of ways including client-specific documentation, training, and performing proof of value sights. R&R’s highly trained technical staff installs physical infrastructure and software, connects client systems, and gets everything up to speed.

R&R W-2 technicians utilize XPM tracking to make every process of the deployment easily accessible. These processes can be overseen not only by R&R’s PMO team but also by the client’s organization.

R&R expands client businesses and continues to drive efficiencies. With the ability to provide client-specific training certified technicians and project management staff have the ability to complete the full scope of work to the specifications of each business. From pilot sites to nationwide solutions, R&R brings value to every component of the business with precise implementation, limited downtime, and accurate results.


Technology installation and de-installation projects are made simple with R&R’s custom enterprise solutions that can be rapidly deployed across multiple locations simultaneously. Successful integration for pre- and post-mergers and acquisitions are paramount for business operations. R&R tracks every piece of equipment to ensure the chain of custody is fully trackable and that clients can follow all processes in real-time within XPM® . Real-time information is recorded by R&R’s on-site, W-2 technicians who record detailed data related to each individual project component. Clients can track everything from the date of installation of each serialized asset to its length of service, warranties, and depreciation.

Security and care are needed for technical solutions. R&R Solutions mitigates rework and protects all assets and data. R&R is PCI, PII, and HIPAA, and CCPA compliant which allows it to handle each custom solution and increase speed to market with the utmost care.

Ongoing Support

R&R offers ongoing support maintenance to our clients in need of troubleshooting, repair, or continued training. R&R’s expert staff is on call to keep your business running smoothly.

Help Desk and Field Support

24/7 support available to clients to assist with varieties of service needs. Help Desk can assist with technical issues at any service level required. R&R Solutions field support team assists in project installations. Field Support team updates client projects in real-time through XPM® . Regular check-ins with field technicians ensure each job is completed to the highest quality standards. This level of quality control eliminates surprises and allows clients to focus on their customers.

Technology Depot Services

The ability to keep customers satisfied is an ongoing process. Technology repairs can be a cumbersome process. R&R is able to help clients keep their networks up to date. When a device is having an issue in the field, R&R’s simple and effective process ensures a working asset is sent out immediately. Once that item is fixed, R&R is able to store that asset until it is needed in the future. By keeping ready-to-go assets on hand, R&R is able to accommodate replacement needs on the client’s demand cycle with real-time tracking through XPM®.

IT Refurbishment & Sustainability

The IT refurbishment solutions that R&R provides to clients allows them to significantly reduce operating costs associated with the purchase of new equipment by refurbishing legacy equipment. R&R IT refurbishment services extend product lines’ life and usage, saving clients millions of dollars each year in new equipment replacement costs.


With R&R, clients can garner the most value from all products entering the reverse supply chain while maximizing sustainability efforts. Broken, expired, and unusable IT assets often get left to collect dust in storage closets or in warehouses due to the lengthy process of managing the reorganization of assets.

R&R has three main solutions to help clients organize assets:

Broken items that can be refurbished and placed back in the client systems as a usable asset.
The ITAD process begins when IT assets are no longer in use and there is a viable resale value identified. R&R specialized teams sell these IT assets within a variety of established channels to ensure the client obtains the highest recovery possible for each item.
R&R works exclusively with R2 Certified recycling companies. This process eliminates environmental risks by diverting retired technology to the proper recycling channels and stopping those hazardous materials from ending up in landfills. R&R processes several loads of equipment per day for clients using the XPM Portal which keeps a full account of the equipment and a complete chain of custody is accessible throughout this cycle.

Clients do not have to worry when it comes to data security- R&R supplies a Certificate of Destruction on all data-bearing hard drives. Additionally, all security regulations (PCI, PII, and HIPAA) are strictly followed. R&R specializes in the process of streamlining disposition of IT assets while minimizing costs and maximizing return.

Custom Fabrication

R&R specializes in making clients’ conceptualized dreams into a reality. R&R offers a wide range of custom fabrication services that meet the specifications of each individual client. R&R’s certified specialists create architectural designs utilizing a 3D parametric CAD program to bring concepts to life.

R&R’s custom fabrication brings elevated design and prototyping to the manufacturing and distribution of finished products with unique, and cost-effective solutions.


R&R’s XPM® project management software provides real-time access, collaborative inventory tracking, custom reporting, project management tools, updates, and much more…


Purchase Order – Clients can optimize their inventory tracking with the ability to see each asset by attribute. In addition, assets can be shipped according to the unique purchase order quantities.
Schedule – XPM users at both R&R and clients have the ability to upload a site list, assign sites to our W-2 technician teams, and schedule site visits. Dual access creates a seamless integration between R&R and its clients.
Project Home – Clients and Project Managers have access to snapshots of each project’s progress. This content is easily digestible and makes keeping up with each project step simple and effective.
Document Library – Project specific documentation is a necessity with any project. Sharing photos, manuals, contracts, and more. The XPM Document Library allows for items to be uploaded per project as well as site specific documents. Every individual related to the project can access these items streamlining project communication.