A Higher Level of Project Management

Concept to Customer

From our first contact with the customer, all data begins to aggregate in one convenient location. Our Solutions team then analyzes each factor of the project, and can generate a project plan for the customer estimating cost per site, per route, and total project cost. Site schedules and locations are imported into XPM to be used for routing, team assignment, and after launch, data collection.

Accurate Results = Dashboard

The Site Dashboard is a tool that is used for each individual site visit, allowing the field technicians to upload all deliverables and completion paperwork for review by our Field Support Team, the PMO, and the Customer. Each site visit includes site visit logs, visit deliverables, issue reports, and many other useful tools.

Securely Access Your Projects

Project permissions are entirely role-based, adjusted per project. This dynamic setup allows R&R to manage the varied projects performed, from basic installs to complicated daily routines with milestones. Additionally, every tool created by the R&R Development team is written to be dynamic for any project it is used with. As projects venture outside of the standard setups, more useful tools and reports are able to be added seamlessly.