Packaging & Logistics


  • Purchasing Department
  • Customer Service Department
  • Shipping/ Receiving Department
  • Accounting Department

Mechanical Shipping

  • Tractor Trailer
  • Cargo Trucks
  • Misc. Transport Vehicles

Multiple Warehouses

  • Located throughout N.W. Arkansas and S.E. Missouri
  • Maintained Inventory of over 1,000,000 boxes and a complete line of packaging supplies, all ready for our customers
rr trucks
multiple warehouses

Packaging Consultants

  • On call for your business needs any time of day
  • Regular visits for information and assistance
  • Experienced, Trained staff with resources to complete any task
  • Territory driven making it easy for a quick response to a customer call
  • Purchasing Team that strives to find the best product at the best price by developing relationships with vendors and manufacturers worldwide on a constant basis.
  • Warehousing and true Just in Time (J.I.T.) order delivery and guaranteed in-stocks of all inventoried items.
  • Weekly inventory reports and adjustments as needed with re-order point that you set.
  • Business to business packaging and operational consultation. This can be utilized at anytime and for any level of consultation. From a one on one meeting to review specific items to a full team review of all operational functions within your facility.
  • Utilization of all items on our general stock list.
  • Engineering and design services to support your specific packaging and warehousing needs. This can include a review of all operations and machinery used in the packaging of your products to graphic renderings of concept to completion packaging needs.
  • Continuous sourcing research to help find improvements in packaging functionality and cost reduction through volume buying. All cost reductions identified by R&R Solutions will be passed along.