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Process Standardization and Issue Resolution

  • R&R Solutions' Field Support Team (FST) is a group designed to assist specifically with Project Management responsibilities and field technician support.
  • The FST is responsible for engaging resources to address and resolve project challenges.
  • R&R Solutions' consolidation and centralization of FST functions provides a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) support model.
  • The SPOC model facilitates immediate project delivery improvement in employee/customer service and IT cost containment.
  • The SPOC model allows for leveraged phone coverage to respond to calls across the hours of the day and days of the week specific to each project.
  • Consolidation of functions allows the leveraging of facilities, tools and, most importantly, technical and project specific resources and knowledge to resolve similar issues related to each project.
  • The FST provides a more effective management environment for the collection of critical survey data required to make informed delivery decisions.
  • Creates the best atmosphere for the promotion and adherence of “best practices”.
  • Facilitates the gathering of project specific challenges to analyze and “data mine” to promote call and problem prevention.