Field Force

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Tiger Team & Dispatch

R&R Solutions conducts large numbers of simultaneous implementations by leveraging our Staging & Configuration center with our North American field deployment force. R&R Solutions' field deployment technicians are fully trained to address any computing device deployment needs, as well as tasks related to telecommunications, cabling, electrical or fixture modification that are normally associated with technology deployment. In addition, due to the methodologies employed at R&R Solutions configuration center, products arrive at customer sites in a plug and play state. As a result, it takes only one visit to a site to complete the installation.

Quality You Can Trust

We utilize a pool of qualified technicians. Our technician database is populated with all technicians utilized and recruited since 2006. To meet the demand of our clients, we are constantly growing our network with new technicians and new skill sets. We use proprietary tools to select, screen, evaluate, monitor, and communicate with our network of technicians. When a technician performs a service, our team records specific and detailed information about that technician's performance.

Qualified Technicians

  • Competence
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Attitude
  • Flexibility
  • Communication (internal & external)

Typical Tasks Performed

  • Secure Inventory Equipment
  • Install Racks/Hardware
  • Install Software
  • Connect Console, Cables, and Peripherals
  • Power On, Test, and Validate Systems
  • Fixture Modifications
  • Power and Data Cabling

Project-Specific Technical Skills

In addition to rankings on performance, we record specific skill sets and certifications, when applicable.

Our tools allow us to selectively contact technicians based on skill set, geography, and availability. The field deployment force is supplemented by our technical management personnel, as appropriate, depending on the nature and complexity of a project. R&R Solutions field deployment force utilizes our standardized process methodology and is trained and equipped to address the specific requirements of each engagement.